Best SIM Cards to Stay in Touch While Travelling to the USA

Visiting the USA soon? You’d certainly want to remain connected with loved ones or stay updated with your work. Regardless of your reasons, it’s pivotal to have a reliable SIM card. From myriad offerings, selecting one can be daunting. Let’s streamline the process and delve into the best SIM cards options for travelers in the USA.

SIM Cards to Stay in Touch to USA


List of Some Best SIM Cards to Stay in Touch with USA


1. T-Mobile Tourist Plan: Designed specifically for travelers, the T-Mobile Tourist Plan typically offers three weeks of service. It encompasses unlimited data (with a set amount at 4G LTE speeds), unlimited domestic and international texting to over 140 countries, and 1000 minutes of talk within the U.S. The T-Mobile network is commendable, with strong coverage in metropolitan areas.

2. AT&T Prepaid: AT&T boasts a robust network throughout the U.S. Their prepaid plans range from simple daily plans to monthly offerings. For travelers looking for short-term options, the daily plan charges only on the days you use it. This offers unlimited minutes and texts within the U.S and 2G data. For those needing more data and a longer validity, there are multi-gigabyte monthly plans available with unlimited talk and text.

3. Verizon TravelPass: For travelers already on Verizon’s network, TravelPass is an excellent add-on. It lets you take your domestic talk, text, and data allowances to the USA. You’re charged a daily rate only on days you use your device in the U.S. While it’s convenient for existing Verizon customers, those from outside the U.S might find better standalone prepaid options.

4. Mint Mobile: Mint Mobile, operating on T-Mobile’s network, offers a variety of budget-friendly prepaid plans. The unique aspect of Mint is its bulk buying model. Purchase months in bulk (e.g., 3, 6, or 12 months) for better discounts. For short-term travelers, the three-month plans are optimal, offering unlimited talk, text, and varying data options.

5. Google Fi: Google’s entry into the wireless service, Google Fi, provides flexibility and excellent international support. While it automatically switches between networks (like T-Mobile, Sprint, and U.S. Cellular) for optimal service, its main allure for travelers is easy international roaming. In the U.S, you benefit from high-speed data, unlimited texts, and affordable calls. Once you leave, these benefits extend to over 200 countries.

6. Simple Mobile: Operated on the T-Mobile network, Simple Mobile offers various prepaid plans. All plans come with unlimited nationwide talk and text, with varied high-speed data thresholds. The bonus? Unlimited international texting and unlimited international calling to 69 countries.

7. Ultra Mobile: Another option utilizing T-Mobile’s network, Ultra Mobile offers a gamut of short-term plans – from daily to monthly. Their plans are inclusive of unlimited nationwide talk and text, along with global texting and international talk to over 80 destinations.

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Tips for Choosing the Best SIM Cards:

  • Network Coverage: Depending on your travel itinerary, research which carriers offer the best coverage in those areas. Metropolitan areas tend to have robust coverage from all major providers, but rural areas can be hit or miss.
  • Data Usage: Gauge your data needs. If your travel revolves around work or streaming, opt for a higher data plan. Conversely, if you’re vacationing and desire minimal browsing or map usage, a basic plan suffices.
  • International Calls: If you’ll be making frequent international calls, select a SIM that offers competitive rates or bundles that include international minutes.
  • Duration of Stay: Your stay duration often dictates the best plan. For instance, if you’re staying for a week, daily plans or specific tourist plans might be economical. Longer stays might benefit from monthly plans or Google Fi’s flexibility.
  • Compatibility: Ensure your phone is unlocked and compatible with the chosen network’s frequency bands.


staying connected while traveling in the U.S is easier than ever. With myriad options catering to varied needs, travelers can select a plan that best fits their requirements and budget. Always remember to check compatibility, understand your usage needs, and research the coverage area for a seamless experience. Safe travels and happy connectivity!

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