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Lenovo Legion Go Hands On: A more Switch-like handheld gaming PC

The gaming community is always on the lookout for the next big thing. This year, that spotlight has been stolen by Lenovo with its Legion Go – a device that promises the power of a gaming PC while offering the portability of a handheld console. Drawing inevitable comparisons to the Nintendo Switch, we decided to go hands-on with the Legion Go to see if it’s a worthy contender.

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Lenovo Legion

Know More About Lenovo Legion Go Hands On: A more Switch-like handheld gaming PC

Design & Build

At first glance, the Lenovo Legion Go is reminiscent of the Nintendo Switch, but it quickly asserts its distinct personality. The design is sleek, with Lenovo’s signature gaming aesthetic shining through – sharp angles and a matte finish complemented by customizable RGB lighting.

The controls feel familiar to anyone who has played on modern gaming consoles. Dual analog sticks, a D-pad, ABXY buttons, and the shoulder triggers and bumpers are all present. There’s also a set of hotkeys which can be customized for PC-centric tasks. The 7-inch display offers a crisp, vibrant full-HD experience. And, unlike the Switch, the Legion Go boasts a touchscreen interface, adding another dimension to gameplay and navigation.


The Legion Go isn’t just about looking pretty; it packs a punch. Fitted with the latest AMD Ryzen mobile processors and paired with a decent graphics card, this handheld gaming PC can handle most modern titles with ease. From “Cyberpunk 2077” to “Fortnite”, we experienced smooth gameplay and commendable frame rates.

Of course, it won’t replace your high-end gaming rig, but for a portable device, it’s impressive. You can also dock it to a monitor, using the USB-C port, enhancing its versatility.

Battery Life

A gaming device’s success heavily depends on its battery life. The Legion Go delivers between 5-6 hours of intensive gameplay on a single charge. Casual gaming and media consumption will stretch this out further. It’s commendable for the kind of power it’s packing, though we did hope for a little more.

Software & Ecosystem

The Legion Go runs on a version of Windows, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of PC games. Lenovo has also introduced its own storefront and ecosystem, allowing for easy game purchases, cloud saves, and more. There’s potential for this ecosystem to grow, especially with developer support.

Switch Comparison

While it’s easy to draw comparisons to the Nintendo Switch, the Legion Go carves its niche. Where the Switch offers exclusive Nintendo titles and a family-friendly experience, the Legion Go promises PC gaming on the go. However, with its slightly steeper price tag, it’s geared more towards dedicated gamers.

To know more about Lenovo’s Legion Go is a Powerful, Switch-Inspired PC Handheld, you can visit the bellow video we share.


The Lenovo Legion Go is an ambitious attempt to blend the worlds of PC gaming with handheld convenience. While it may not dethrone the Nintendo Switch in terms of universal appeal, it definitely offers a compelling option for those wanting to play their PC games on the go. In the ever-growing landscape of gaming, the Legion Go stands as a testament to innovation and the blurring lines between console and PC gaming. Whether it becomes a mainstay remains to be seen, but it certainly has made a powerful first impression.

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