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7 Hidden Features in WatchOS 10

Hey there, tech fans! Are you an Apple Watch user? If so, have you ever discovered all of the amazing features WatchOS 10 has to offer? Today, we’re going to explore seven hidden gems in WatchOS 10 that you may not have known existed. 

Features in WatchOS 10

Apple always goes above and beyond to provide a unique experience, and WatchOS 10 is no exception. 

With its innovative features, Apple Watch becomes more than just a watch – it’s a reliable personal assistant, a mindfulness coach, and a fitness trainer all in one. So, let’s dive right in and unveil these fantastic features.

Hidden Features in WatchOS 10

Hidden 1: Taptic Time

Taptic Time

Have you ever been in a meeting where you couldn’t afford to glance at your watch? Fret not, because WatchOS 10 has you covered. Introducing Taptic Time, an option where your Apple Watch is no longer just a time-telling device, but also a tactile one. 

Simply switch on Taptic Time in the settings, and your watch will give you a light tap on your wrist indicating the time, without having to look at the watch. 

This innovative feature is perfect for those occasions where you need to maintain eye contact or attention in a formal setting, without appearing disrespectful.

Hidden 2: Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Have you ever misplaced your iPhone? Happens to the best of us, and it can be frustrating to search for it. However, with WatchOS 10, you have an extra tool to help you locate it. 

Simply swipe up on your watch face to access the Control Center, and tap on the ‘Find My iPhone’ button. Your iPhone will emit a loud sound, even if it was set to silent. 

Imagine looking for your phone under the cushions of your couch, and with one click on your watch, your iPhone lets out a sound loud enough to hear under all that fluff – it’s a lifesaver!

Hidden 3: Automatic Removal of Now Playing

Automatic Removal of Now Playing

Have you had a song stuck in your head for days because it continuously plays on your watch? WatchOS 10 can fix that with Automatic Removal of Now Playing. 

This feature will automatically remove the Now Playing screen from your watch after a few minutes if you stop listening to music or a podcast. With this, you won’t have to worry about accidentally resuming it or having to swipe it away yourself.

Hidden 4: Customizable Control Center

Customizable Control Center

WatchOS 10 gives users full control to customize their Control Center. You no longer need to waste time swiping through various screens to get to your frequently used applications – simply add them to the Control Center for easy access. 

Furthermore, you can also remove the ones that you rarely use. This customized feature lets you set up your Apple Watch according to your workflow, making it effortless to navigate and accomplish tasks.

Hidden 5: Water Eject Feature

Water Eject Feature

Water activities and the Apple Watch are a match made in heaven, with its robust waterproofing. But, there’s always an issue of water droplets getting caught in the speaker. WatchOS 10 has solved that problem with the Water Eject feature.

This feature uses the speaker to play a specific sound that helps to expel water from the speaker and avoid any deterioration from water damage. With this hidden gem, your Apple Watch will come out of water activities unscathed.

Hidden 6: Scribbl


Have you ever needed to reply to a message but couldn’t type because you were in the middle of something? WatchOS 10 introduces the ‘Scribble’ feature, which allows you to write messages directly on the Apple Watch screen using your finger. With Scribble, you can write in big or small letters, capitalize letters, and even create emojis. 

The Apple Watch intelligently recognizes what you write and converts it to text. This feature enables you to send messages without ever needing to take out your iPhone, giving you ultimate convenience and flexibility.

Hidden 7: Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS

WatchOS 10 includes an Emergency SOS feature that allows users to call for help in an emergency. Simply press and hold the side button on your watch, and an emergency call will be triggered. 

The watch will then automatically send a message to your predefined emergency contact with your current location. 

This feature works especially well during situations where you are unable to use your phone, such as during a fall or if someone is trying to attack you. It gives you peace of mind knowing that emergency services will reach you in your time of need.

5 Tips to Make the Most of WatchOS 10

Tips to Make the Most of WatchOS 10

  1. Embrace Taptic Time:

    • Activate Taptic Time in your settings for a sneaky way to check the time without looking at your watch.
    • Stay connected in meetings and discussions without appearing glued to your wrist. It’s like having a secret time-telling power!
  2. Find My iPhone with a Twist:

    • Swipe up on your watch face and tap ‘Find My iPhone’ to make your misplaced iPhone emit a loud sound, even if it’s on silent. It’s like summoning your phone with the power of your wristwatch!
  3. Let Now Playing Fade Away:

    • Avoid having that catchy song or annoying podcast stuck in your head by enabling Automatic Removal of Now Playing.
    • WatchOS 10 will automatically clear the Now Playing screen from your watch when you stop listening, so you can focus on the present without a catchy earworm on repeat.
  4. Customize Your Control Center:

    • Take control of your Control Center by customizing it with your most-used apps.
    • Add the apps you frequently use and remove the ones you rarely touch. It’s like having a personalized control center tailored just for you!
  5. The Water Eject Wizardry:

    • Enjoy water activities worry-free with your Apple Watch’s waterproofing.
    • Use the Water Eject feature to play a sound through the speaker, expelling any water droplets and keeping your watch in top shape. It’s like magic for your wrist, Vanish-o Aqua-style!

Remember, these tips will transform your Apple Watch experience and make you feel like part of an exclusive club of tech-savvy, wrist-wearing wizards! Let your watch become your ultimate companion with WatchOS 10. So go ahead, try these tips and unlock the hidden potential of your Apple Watch today!

Final Thoughts:

The Apple Watch, coupled with WatchOS 10, offers a plethora of tools to optimize our daily routine and enhance our experiences. We hope that this article has shed light on seven hidden features in WatchOS 10 that you might not have known about. 

From Taptic Time and the Find My iPhone feature to customizable Control Center and the incredible Water Eject feature, WatchOS provides a perfect combination of simplicity, reliability, and innovation. Get the most out of your Apple Watch by exploring these hidden gems today!

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