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How to Create Fun Videos on iPhone with Apple’s Clips App

Apple’s Clips app offers iPhone users a creative way to make engaging, fun videos with a touch of Hollywood magic. Whether you’re looking to share a moment with friends, a cute fun video of your pet, or even a quick tutorial, fun videos Clips is a nifty tool you should explore. Here’s How to Create Fun Videos on iPhone with Apple’s Clips App. visit our article to know How to Install Mac Software.

how to Create Fun Videos on iPhone

How to Use Apple’s Clips App to Create Fun Videos

1. Getting Started

  • First If you haven’t yet installed Clips, you can find it in the App Store.
  • Also you can visit here to install Apple clips app to create fun vireos.
  • After installation, open the app and you’ll be greeted with a simple interface.

2. Recording Your First Clip

  • Tap on the big red recording button and hold it to record a video directly into the app.
  • Alternatively, you can select pre-recorded videos or photos from your library by tapping on the library icon.

3. Adding Animated Captions and Titles with Live Titles

One of the standout features of Clips is Live Titles. This feature lets you create animated captions — all you have to do is speak.

  • Tap on the speech bubble icon.
  • Choose a style that you like.
  • Start recording and whatever you say will be converted into text on the screen. It’s a fun way to add context to your videos!

4. Jazzing Things Up with Effects

The star icon gives access to a plethora of filters, posters, and stickers.

  • Filters: Like Instagram, you can change the mood of your video with different color filters.
  • Posters: These are static screens that can be added to start, end, or in-between your clips. They come with themes like ‘The End’, ‘On this day’ and more.
  • Stickers: Decorate your clips with various stickers. You can also download more from the App Store.

Create Fun Videos on iPhone

5. Sound and Music

What’s a video without some catchy tunes?

  • Tap on the music note icon. Apple provides soundtracks that adjust to fit the length of your videos. But if you prefer, you can choose music from your own library.
  • There’s also an option to automatically extract the audio from the video clip or mute it.

6. Using the ‘Selfie Scene’ on newer iPhones

If you have an iPhone with a TrueDepth camera (like the iPhone X and later models), Clips offers an immersive, 360-degree selfie scene. It puts you in animated landscapes, abstract art, and even onboard the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars!

7. Drag to Arrange and Edit

You can drag your clips around to change their order. For deeper editing:

  • Tap on a clip to trim its start and end points.
  • Use the scissors icon to split a clip.
  • To delete, simply swipe up on a clip.

8. Sharing Your Masterpiece

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, tap on the share icon. You can save the video, send it via message, or share it on various social platforms.

Extra Tips to Have Some Fun Videos With Apple’s Clips App

Apple’s Clips app offers a plethora of tools to let users create fun videos, engaging videos without needing a degree in filmmaking. Whether you’re looking to create a unique birthday message, craft a catchy business advertisement, or just document your day in a quirky way, Clips is your go-to app. Here, we’ll delve deeper into some extra tips to elevate your video-making skills and add some flair to your creative fun videos with apple clips app.

Apple's Clips App

Embrace Live Titles

One of the standout features of Clips is Live Titles. This tool enables users to create animated captions and titles simply by speaking. Ensure you’re in a relatively quiet environment, and as you speak, your words will appear on screen, perfectly synced to your voice.

Utilize the Posters Feature

The Posters tool in Clips offers beautifully animated title cards to begin, punctuate, or end your fun video. They range from styles such as vintage to playful. Try to choose one that resonates with the mood of your video.

Get Creative with Filters

While Instagram and Snapchat offer a range of filters, Apple’s Clips also brings its unique flavor. From comic book looks to watercolor effects, experimenting with these can change the ambiance of your fun videos in an instant.

Jazz Up with Stickers and Emojis

Who said emojis are only for texts? With Clips, you can layer your video with stickers and emojis. Whether it’s a laughing emoji or a quirky sticker, it can make your video pop.

Layer It with Music

Clips boasts a collection of soundtracks that adjust to fit the length of your video. However, if none of these appeal, you’re free to add songs from your own library. Just ensure that you respect copyright rules if you’re sharing your video publicly.

Use the Selfie Scenes for an Immersive Experience

If you own an iPhone with a TrueDepth camera, the Selfie Scenes tool will be your best companion. It can transport you to other dimensions, placing you within 360-degree animated landscapes, from bustling cities to serene landscapes.

Master the Art of Holding vs. Tapping

Clips doesn’t operate like a typical video camera. You need to hold the record button to capture footage, but if you tap it instead, you can capture still images. This mix can give your video a unique pacing and dynamism.

Combine Multiple Clips

Don’t limit yourself to a single shot. Be a director in your own right and create a storyline by adding several clips together. The app makes it easy to rearrange and edit them seamlessly.

Share It Right

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, Clips offers various options to share it. From saving it to your camera roll to sending it directly to Instagram Stories, there’s flexibility in how you present your work to the world.


Apple’s Clips app is a powerful, yet user-friendly tool that makes video creation a breeze. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced videographer, the app offers an array of features to enhance your storytelling. So, grab your iPhone, get creative, and let the world see your fun side!

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