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Top 10 Online Lenders to Get Student Loans in 2023

In today’s digital era, obtaining a student loan is easier than ever, thanks to the numerous online lending platforms. These platforms offer a range of loan products tailored for education, from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees and beyond. Below, we take a look at the top 10 online lenders to get student loans, based on factors such as interest rates, flexibility, and customer reviews.

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online lenders to get student loans

In the age of digital finance, online lenders have emerged as powerful alternatives to traditional banking institutions. For students looking for loans to finance their higher education, online lenders offer an increasingly attractive option. This essay seeks to unpack the various facets of obtaining student loans from online lenders, examining the benefits, potential drawbacks, and tips for navigating this modern financial landscape.

List of Best Online Lenders to Get Student Loans


A leader in the online lending space, SoFi (short for Social Finance) offers student loan refinancing with competitive rates and no fees. They also provide member benefits like career coaching and financial advising. SoFi, short for Social Finance Inc., is a financial services company that originated as a platform to provide student loan refinancing for graduates with high earning potential. Since its inception in 2011. SoFi has expanded its services considerably and now offers a suite of financial products that includes personal loans, home loans, investment management, insurance, and banking through its mobile-first approach.


Recognized for its innovative approach to lending and its member-centric services, SoFi has played a pivotal role in challenging traditional banking models by offering competitive rates, low fees, and community-focused benefits, such as career counseling and financial planning events. Its push into fintech has positioned the company at the forefront of the industry’s evolution, harnessing technology to simplify and enhance the financial lives of its members.

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CommonBond is a financial technology company founded in 2011 by three Wharton MBA students, David Klein, Jessup Shean, and Michael Taormina. With its primary focus on student loans, CommonBond aims to provide more affordable, transparent, and user-friendly lending solutions for students and graduates. Recognizing the escalating burden of student debt in the U.S., the company’s platform facilitates the refinancing of student loans, allowing borrowers to consolidate and potentially lower their interest rates. Beyond its core business, CommonBond is also notable for its social promise: for every loan they finance, they fund the education of a child in need. This commitment to both financial innovation and social responsibility has set CommonBond apart in the fintech industry.



LendKey is a lending platform that partners with community banks and credit unions to offer student loan refinancing, private student loans, and home improvement loans. Founded in 2009, LendKey endeavors to bridge the gap between traditional banking institutions and the digital loan landscape, allowing these smaller financial institutions to compete with larger, national entities. By leveraging LendKey’s platform, these community banks and credit unions can provide consumers with competitively priced loan products without the need to create or manage their own digital lending infrastructure.


This not only benefits the banks and credit unions by increasing their reach and loan portfolios, but also provides borrowers with more diverse lending options, often at competitive rates and terms. LendKey’s focus on partnering with trusted local financial institutions brings a unique dimension to the online lending ecosystem, fostering community engagement and offering consumers an alternative to bigger banks.

College Ave:

Offering both undergraduate and graduate student loans, College Ave stands out with its simple application process and flexible repayment terms. They also offer parent loans, a unique product designed for parents supporting their child’s education.

College Ave

Discover Student Loans:

Discover Student Loans is one of the leading private student loan providers in the United States. Catering primarily to students seeking financial assistance for higher education, Discover offers a range of loan options tailored to undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies. One of the notable features of Discover Student Loans is the lack of fees—there are no application, origination, or late fees. They also offer competitive interest rates, both fixed and variable.

Discover Student Loans

An added benefit for borrowers is the rewards for good grades, where students can receive a cash reward for maintaining a high academic performance. While federal student loans generally offer more flexible repayment terms and might come with lower interest rates, Discover’s private student loans can be a valuable resource for students who have exhausted federal loan options or are in need of additional financing for their education. Always, it’s crucial for borrowers to thoroughly research and understand the terms and conditions associated with any loan product before committing.

Citizens Bank:

Known for their TruFit Student Loan product, Citizens Bank offers competitive rates and flexible repayment options. They also provide multi-year approval, which allows borrowers to secure funding for additional years without reapplying.

Citizens Bank

Sallie Mae:

One of the most recognized names in the student loan industry, Sallie Mae offers loans for a variety of educational needs, from K-12 to graduate school. They have competitive interest rates and offer free access to FICO credit scores for borrowers.

Sallie Mae

Laurel Road:

Laurel Road, originally known as DRB (Darien Rowayton Bank), is an online lender that provides an array of financial products and services, ranging from student loan refinancing to personal loans and mortgages. Founded in 2006, Laurel Road has made a significant name for itself in the digital banking space by offering competitive rates, transparent terms, and a seamless online experience.

Laurel Road

Over the years, they have refinanced billions in student loans, assisting countless graduates in achieving better financial health. Their platform’s digital-first approach ensures that customers can access and manage their finances with ease and efficiency. In addition to its lending products, Laurel Road has expanded its offerings to include online banking services, underlining its commitment to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers to get Student Loans.


Rather than being a direct lender, Credible acts as a marketplace where borrowers can compare rates from various lenders in one place. It’s an excellent tool for those who want to see multiple offers without completing multiple applications.


Factors to Consider When Choosing an Online Student Loan Lender

The rise of digitalization has transformed various sectors, including the education financing sector. Online student loan lenders have become increasingly prevalent, offering convenience and often competitive rates. However, with myriad options available, how do you choose the right one? Here are some crucial factors to online lenders to get student loans.

Interest Rates

  • Fixed vs. Variable Rates: While fixed rates remain constant over the loan term, variable rates can fluctuate based on market conditions. Decide which option aligns with your risk tolerance and repayment strategy.
  • Comparison: Ensure you shop around. Different lenders might offer varying rates, even for the same borrower profile.

Repayment Options

  • Grace Period: How long do you have after graduation before you need to start repayments?
  • Repayment Plans: Does the lender provide flexibility, such as income-driven repayment plans or extended repayment terms?
  • Prepayment Penalties: Ensure that there are no penalties if you decide to pay off the loan early.

Fees and Additional Costs

  • Origination Fees: Some lenders might charge a fee upfront when the loan is disbursed.
  • Late Fees: What happens if you miss a payment?
  • Service Charges: Look out for any hidden fees associated with managing the loan.

Customer Service

  • Accessibility: Is customer support readily available through multiple channels?
  • Responsiveness: Check online reviews or ask peers about their experiences. Efficient customer service can save a lot of future headaches.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Credit Score Requirements: Does the lender have a minimum credit score requirement? Do they offer loans to international students without a co-signer?
  • Income Proof: What kind of income documentation do they require?

Loan Limits

  • Determine whether the lender can provide the full amount you require for your education, keeping in mind tuition, living expenses, and other associated costs.

Loan Disbursement and Management

  • Disbursement Process: How and when is the loan disbursed to your institution?
  • Online Management: Ensure the lender offers an intuitive online platform for monitoring and managing your loan.

Deferment and Forbearance Options

  • Check if the lender provides options to pause payments temporarily in case of financial hardships.

Co-signer Release

  • If you’re obtaining a loan with a co-signer, find out if the lender offers an option to release the co-signer from obligation after you’ve made a certain number of on-time payments.

Reviews and Reputation

  • Research online forums, Better Business Bureau ratings, and other review platforms to gauge the credibility and satisfaction of previous borrowers.

Federal vs. Private Lenders

  • Remember that federal student loans often come with benefits and protections that private loans don’t. Always consider federal options first before exploring private lenders.

Benefits and Perks

  • Some online lenders might offer benefits like interest rate reductions for auto-pay, cash rewards for academic performance, or even career advice.


Here we share all about online lenders to get student loans. Online lenders have revolutionized the student loan industry, making it more accessible and user-friendly for students. Whether you’re looking to finance your undergraduate degree, refinance existing loans, or support your child’s education, there’s likely an online lender suited to your needs. Always remember to read the terms and conditions, compare rates, and make sure you understand the repayment terms before committing to any loan.

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